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      Searching for a home? Already found your dream home? Do you really know its current conditions? Are you really confident on your decision? Any potential serious problem? Any costly or unexpected repair? How much will it cost? We are here to help you! We will tell you exactly what you are buying, and provide you with necessary information needed to make an informed purchase decision.

      With Wintrust Home and Building Inspections you get a comprehensive and top-quality inspection service from an experienced and dedicated professional. We pledge to conduct inspections carefully, honestly, objectively, independently and fairly. Our inspections meet or exceed industry accepted standards. Our services include: Pre-purchase Inspections; Pre-offer Inspections; Pre-listing Inspections; Pre-delivery Inspections; New Home Warranty Program Inspections; Pre-renovation Inspections or Specific Item Inspections.
   About Us

      Mr. Sen Lin is a Registered Home Inspector (RHI, # 346), a highly-respected professional designation, which is legally protected in Ontario. The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors ( OAHI ) holds the exclusive right to designate RHI, as established by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act ( Bill Pr 158, 1994 ). This ensures that your inspector has the highest standards of education, experience and professionalism.

     As a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA, #4F08), Mr. Sen Lin is a specialist on home insulation, ventilation and energy saving. Sen has a bachelor's degree in Architecture, and was a Class-1 National Registered Architect of China, the highest designation in the profession. From 1989 to 1999, he worked as an Architect for 10 years, during which he designed various buildings, and won many architectural design competitions at both provincial and national levels. In Canada, he has been working as an Architectural Technologist in an architect firm in Toronto and a civil engineering consulting company in Mississauga, and was involved in many local projects. His duties included onsite inspection, drawing preparation and cost estimating. Mr. Lin has been doing full time home inspections in Canada since 2003. Since 1989, he has accumulated a plethora of experience in home/building inspections, energy evaluations, architectural design and building construction.

      Specializing in home or property inspections and energy advising, Wintrust Home and Building Inspections is a construction technology consulting company. We have provided service in Toronto and the surrounding areas for years, and have inspected or evaluated a large amount of homes or properties with various styles, ages and constructions.

     Providing service in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and FuZhou Dialect, we follow the "Standards of Practice"of OAHI, and adhere to the "Code of Conduct"and other requirements outlined by OAHI. We are trusted and respected by our outstanding professionalism. high-quality service and excellent ethical performance.

     Buying a home is a huge investment. We fully understand your concerns, needs and expectations. We are the professionals you can trust and depend on!
Photo Gallery Why Us?

  • All inspections are performed by Mr. Sen Lin, RHI. You know clearly who you will be with you. This ensures the high-quality service.
  • As a Certified Energy Advisor, Mr. Sen Lin will provide you with valuable advices/information on improving energy efficiency of your home.
  • We carry all necessary tools and equipments in order to reduce limitations of a visual inspection, including sensitive moisture meters and a high-resolution thermal imaging camera. Those tools will be used during the inspection under the inspector's discretion, depending on
  • Ontario Association of Home Inspectors
    Sen Lin
    Registered Home Inspector (RHI)
    Certified Energy Advisor (CEA)
    (English, Mandarin, Cantonese and FuZhou Dialect)

    Message from Mr. Sen Lin

          I'm Sen Lin, RHI. For years now I have had the honor and fortune of serving so many of you. I am very graceful for your support and trust!

         A home inspection is a complex and demanding job, testing the inspector in many aspects. As the saying goes: “To give a cup of water to the other, you must have a pool of water.” From my years of experience, I realized that it is so important to keep my knowledge and skills upgraded. I have done so by actively participating continuing education of OAHI, learning from specialists in relating professions, learning from other inspectors…, and will never stop.

         The majority of our business are from references or repeat clients. I understand deeply that buying a home may be the biggest investment you will ever make in your life, one we would all like to be perfect with no mistake. Choosing me as your inspector places a tremendous trust in me, my experience, my professionalism and work ethic, trust that I honor. Every home is different with various potential problems that may arise. I always treat every inspection with care and prudence, like inspecting my own future home. I think, it's the best way to repay your trust. As our name " Wintrust " implies, we will win and keep your trust forever by our outstanding professionalism, excellent service and high-standard ethical performances.

         I strive to become your trusted home consultant and life-long friend!

        Thank you!


        Sen Lin, RHI, CEA

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          Tel: ( 416 ) 825-3099
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